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Breathe, Relax and Don't Panic!

Many of us struggle with stress ...are you one of them?

Stress and lack of deep restful sleep can lower your immune system making you susceptible to illness... BUT DON'T WORRY...

I have a quick and effective solution for you...

...I can help you overcome the negative impact of stress using a sound innovation that increases the efectiveness of stress management...


Are you trying to cope with stress, anxiety or overwhelm during this global crisis?

Do you have a hard time staying grounded from negative news and fearful social media?

Do you feel tired, or run down from the sudden change in lifestyle?

Are you suffering from sleepless nights or insomnia?

Are you a sensitive person affected by insensitive people and trolling online?

Are you feeling a sense of cabin fever, fearful or feeling the isolation during this time?

Are you feeling the effect of social distancing?

Is the coming economic changes got you worried?


...and you may be impacted by the fear spread by media and fake news on social media...

Fear can freeze your ability to function rationally and stay healthy.

Fear over worrying about the outcome during this global pandemic can put you at risk. If you worry about fear of the unknown, you can actually create your own inner stress and anxiety ...and that can lead to a lowered immune system ...making you susceptible to illness ...but DON'T PANIC !

My solution can help you break the chains of stress and sleepless nights

Here is my solution...

The body is an evolutionary sensing tool and we can use our body to sense into stress stored in the body. This is an ancient and evolutionary human trait of the nervous system ...and we can access that trait using a quick and effective method I developed called Harmonic Integration. I use this method in my Stress Less & Sleep Better self care package...



Grab some good headphones and listen to short samples of some of the tracks...

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Using the Stress Less, Sleep Better self care package to calm you!

Watch how the instrument I use in Harmonic Integration can assist release this clients nervous system in real-time through stress releases in the hand... It's the bodies natural way to release stress of trauma by shaking or twitching... This happens sometimes while you listen to the tracks, you get releases of nervous tension! I use this harmonic instrument in the self care package... Many people report releasing trauma from their nervous system!

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Stress management music designed by an innovative music professional who overcame his own stress & trauma...

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I started playing music in 1980, first with bass then quickly took to keyboards. I was a performing and recording musician until 2009. I originally created this Harmonic method to first self help my own stress from complex PTSD that developed from many years of online cyber targeting and disparagements from competitive insensitive people. I was unfairly targeted and my reach censored. My innovative methods are based on credible science research published in 2006 that supported my claim that low frequency creates a increase of innovative efficacy of sensitivity in the ear for sound use and music therapy.

That upset the applecart of money making competitors that profit from higher tunings. Years of cyber abuse from fake news trolls and insensitive people with axes to grind, resulted in the loss my music career and music sales. I watched my own authorship stolen and plagerized online to vilify me and my music. The very thing I loved to do became a source of severe trauma. I became a nervous wreck!

To make it worse, I was cyber stalked and websites censored to keep me isolated. The resulting circumstances took it's emotional, mental and physical toll. I developed long term immune health challenges from the fallout of complex PTSD.

I was frozen with hard trauma from losing my left eyesight during a general labor accident in 2010. I only took that job as a result from of the loss of my music sales as a direct result of being censored online. I was traumatized by the loss of depth perception, loss of career and too vulnerable with people who picked my bones clean when I was down.

After that period I was a real mess and unable to trust, I withdrew from society. I finally decided to push myself back up after a long period of isolated depresssion and homelessness.

Severe bone loss in my jaw was the result from C-PTSD. The trauma was so severe that the usual language therapy was not working, so I decided to finally return to my musical roots and create a harmonic method using sound to reach into my body where language couldn't reach.

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After being attacked by trollers to invert truth and destroy my reputation, I decided to volunteer with animals as they have no ego that wants to bias the outcome. It was important for me to study the results using valid unbiased research methods.

The results were amazing and over a 4 year beta test period from 2014 to 2018 in my Quantum Musicology innovative research, I helped many animals and people overcome stress and trauma drastically improving their quality of life!

Watch this video...

I base my innovative methods and harmonic frequency techniques on research that suggests the shape of our ear is designed to translate lower frequencies into higher sensitivity in nerve signals...

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You can Google® the article above titled "Why the Inner Ear is Snail-Shaped" from That article reports lower frequency creates an increase of efficacy for translating low pitch vibrations into higher sensivity nerve signals via the ear canal. This is more effective for creating sensitivity in the body than higher pitched musical tunings and therapy music currently available worldwide.

This innovative improvement can help us to emotionally heal, calm stress or attain awakened sensitive states of realization for increased productivity and creativity. Whatever your energy block or resistance to change, low frequency harmonic sound used in my Harmonic Integration method is an effective way of calming the body & mind. I base my music innovations on lowering the pitch of music which increases sensitivity in nerve signals!

Want social proof? these amazing bio-scan results...

You can let go of what no longer serves you in a short amount of time with the Stress Less & Sleep Better self care package ...and if you need more I am available for private sessions.

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Real people who changed their lives...

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The Stress Less & Sleep Better self care package can also help you through these times to:

  • Gain self-awareness and acceptance.
  • Understand patterns that keep you stuck.
  • Build better relationships.
  • Resolve family conflicts and resentments.
  • Improve self-esteem and feelings of worth.
  • Set healthy boundaries.
  • Understand your own thoughts and feelings better.
  • Set and reach goals.
  • Build confidence – explore new options for your life.
  • Create connection – improve emotional and sexual intimacy.
  • Reduce stress – improve your overall health.
  • Learn practical tools and skills to use when needed.
  • Release the past Live fully in the present.
  • Heal from trauma. (sexual, emotional, physical)
  • Release addictive thoughts and behaviours.
  • Claim your enjoyment of life.

You owe it to yourself...

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Legal disclaimer: The legal world requires me to display a medical disclaimer. This is a standard limited liability policy. The information provided here is for informational and educational marketing purposes only,. It is not meant to substitute advice provided by a physician or other medical professional. The results reported may not necessarily occur in all individuals. Intuition, imagination, emotions, feelings and beliefs are created souly in the mind of the listener and as such, Brian T Collins and/or Harmonic Integration is held harmless and indemnified from any result of emotional behavior expressed within the experience of the individual listener. Brian T Collins provides this content on an "as is" basis and makes no representations or warranties of any kind. This is a comprehensive limitation of liability that applies to all damages of any kind, including (without limitation) compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, and claims of third parties. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Harmonic Integration is classified as a results based coaching service. Music recordings or performance under the brand of Harmonic Integration is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or mental illness. If you suffer from a medical or mental health condition, please seek out qualified professional medical help...

The music recordings and coaching method known as Harmonic Integration and Stress Less is copyright ©Brian T Collins and not for resale or commercial use. If you seek a sync licence for use in your own service or practice, please contact Brian at the email on this page.

Harmonic Integration and Stress Less is copyright ©Brian T Collins.

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